savon ecocamping antimosquito repellent
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Eucalyptus body soap

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Soap for camping and cottage, format 80 g

Handmade and developed for the ECOCAMPING protection system, this soap will strengthen the effectiveness of our ECOCAMPING lotion. Fini scented soaps that mitigate the effect of essential oils. Use it in the shower or bath in preparation for your outdoor activities. This soap, made with shea butter, soy and olive oil contains the same essential oils that our ECOCAMPING lotion. In addition to moisturize your skin, our blend of essential oils leave your skin a light natural scent  during your outdoor activities.

Use daily for all your outdoor activities: work, gardening, sports, beach, hiking, etc. For all types of skin, even the most sensitive one .

Use it all over the body, avoid the eyes and mucous membranes. Top quality 100% natural hand made in our laboratories

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80 gr


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