About Us

BOHEMIA’s story began in 2008… Necessity is the mother of invention, and BOHEMIA is no exception! Here is our story…

Frédéric had been travelling to Mexico for many years, especially in the Oaxacan region. The area had become a favourite of his; the beach, the flora and fauna… Frédéric loves the beach and the sun. In 2008, Maria, a friend and an herbalist, came to join him and fell in love with the region. From that moment she imagined herself spending her winters in the south, enjoying the beauty and abundance of nature. It was during her travels that she created her 100% natural organic sunscreen products, out of her necessity for a product that was without chemicals or harmful additives. Living in the south means living outdoors, in the elements, and sun, wind and mosquitoes are a part of daily life. She knows skin needs to be in good health with products that protect it without any danger.

With all her knowledge in medicinal plants and natural products, Maria began concocting her recipes with enthusiasm. With the help of natural herbs and plants; the elements of nature became her allies! Over time, she found that it was hard to purchase natural products in remote areas. Together, Maria and Frédéric decided they would sell their natural sun care products, BOHEMIA, since they knew many travellers were looking for quality natural products. And so, Maria and Frédéric lived up to their name: BOHEMIA, as they travelled to the south more and more.

We are proud to share with you all our passion for the sun and good health!

Maria et Frédéric