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Moringa leafs tea

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Moringa tea 150gr

Ranked among the super foods, the Moringa Oleifera has known for a few years a major craze in our western countries. It has been used for centuries in Asia and Africa for its multiple medicinal and food virtues. Renowned for curing many diseases, all these parts can be used for health benefit.

In the past few years Moringa Colectivo, a non-profit organization in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, has been trying to establish the Moringa tree in the region to support the local population in its efforts to undermine the ” Economic independence and healthy eating.

At BOHEMIA SKINCARE we believe in local economy and fair trade, for this reason we are member of the Moringa colectivo since 2016. We are proud to offer you this quality tea without intermediares which has been cultivated and harvested by the members of the collective.

This tea of ​​Moringa is a 100% natural tea, decaffeinated and composed exclusively of leaves and flowers of the tree Moringa Oleifera, native of Mexico.

Cultivated without pesticides, harvested and dried by hand.